Technical blog from Craig Russell.


Contacting Me ✍️

The best way to get in touch is via Twitter @trionkidnapper. I’m always happy for folks to reach out and say hi.

About Me

I’m big believer in sharing knowledge, and I like what blogging brings to the table.

Core Skills:

Android Developer

I’m an Android developer at my core, with a passion for Kotlin, Architecture Components and writing good unit tests. I’ve been a professional Android developer since 2010.

Coaching / Mentoring

As well as software development, I’ve always found deep satisfaction in coaching and mentoring others. Although related, understanding that coaching and mentoring are two distinct tools, and knowing when each should be used, is key to unblocking and supporting others. I have endless energy for this.

Currently Building… 🚧

Building the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Android app.

This app, used by millions, exists to do good in the world. Did you know it’s also open source? Full source code available on GitHub.

My Highlights at DuckDuckGo:

Building the browser

4.8 Play Store app rating, with almost 1.5 million reviews

It’s refreshing how much users like it. 😍

App Tracking Protection

Growing the Team