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Creating Markdown Links

There are two types of links you can create in Markdown:

This post details how to use both types.

The standard syntax for creating links in markdown is providing text to display in square brackets [ ], followed by the URL in parentheses ( ). For example, to link to this blog, I could do this:

[My Blog](, which renders as My Blog

💡 Tips

Instead of adding display text for the link you can have it displayed as just the URL, and there are 2 ways to do this.

Option 1: repeating URL as the title ❌

One way to create a link with no title is to duplicate the URL into both parts of the link: e.g.,

[](, which renders as

Option 2: using angle brackets ✅

The best way to create a link which just shows the URL and no custom display text is to wrap it inside angle brackets < >.

<>, which renders as